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Grobots International Incorporated, a California S-Class Corporation, was founded in 1991 in Healdsburg, California. Dedicated to positive innovation and change, Grobots is now reflecting back on a decade of research, product development and global product testing & production.

Grobots is a consumer oriented, environmentally conscious company, with its focus on progressively natural inventions to replace harmful products, while substantially enhancing the quality of our customers' lives.

Grobots' many ventures in varying fields have resulted in multiple U.S. and international patents. In the "growing field" Grobots researched and refined centuries old "flower forcing" techniques. This led to the development of automated application devices, also known as the popular "Flower Forcer" Check it out at: This self-contained plant-growing unit (with automated blackout mechanism) has been used for research and small-scale experimentation internationally, promoting this energy efficient superior technique.

In environments where plants are raised under artificial lights, Grobots developed the so-called 12 & 1 timing method saving about 1/3 of the fuel or power needed. An increased demand for a larger automated Light Deprivation System prompted Grobots to test walk-in-size add-on Flower forcing units in Europe.

In the future Grobots will offer automated aerial black out mechanisms (up to 20'X18' ) * and will continue to share decade-long experience through accumulated "know-how" in flower forcing with the public.

Other developments in Grobots' history include a high efficiency "Clean-air" device, without the need for cartridge replacement and a revolutionary handheld packaging tool, which instantly produces an environmentally sound alternative to the un-recyclable, artificial popcorn foam. is an innovation of Grobots International and in 1997 revealed the XTR 420, based on the patented "Ice Water Method". The XTR 420 was upgraded to the now very popular XTR 1000. Check it out at: The XTR 1000

These machines, using the "Ice Water Method", automate the plant resin extraction process. Now this all-natural extraction process is made even more affordable with the release of "The Xtractor Kit." Check it out at: The Xtractor Kit

Grobots thanks you, the customer, for the opportunity to provide services to you for more than one decade. Grobots will always consider requests for commercial use, licensing of our products and/or the manufacturing of our patented application devices.
 Legal Disclaimer and the Xtractor Kit is a venture of Grobots International Inc. Laytonville, CA 95454-0123, USA, and their respective logos are trademarks/registered trademarks worldwide. The "Ice Water Method", The Xtractor Kit and all other applications of the method are protected by US Patent # 6,158,591 and Foreign Patents Pending. This product is only to be used to produce legal plant resin extracts. If in doubt, please consult your local laws concerning the plants you wish to use. For private, non-commercial use only. Grobots Int'l Inc. assumes no responsibility, or any liability for misuse and resulting damages. Use at your own risk.
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