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Attention Brew-Masters!
Now you can extract your own hops for all your home-brewing needs. Ice Water Hops extracts are the purest available! All natural - no chemical additives. Ideal for the home micro-brewer.

After the introduction of "The Ice Water Method", awkward, low tech, high priced applications were offered in 1998. These ?mud bag? imitations invented unnecessary fabric creations, in order to charge oodles of money for the simple Ice Water Method process know how. The X-tractor Kit is the simplest application of the ?Ice Water Method?.Why submerge bags into the washing step if you can just as well filter afterwards through any screen you like?
Extract Hops
 We offer 16" x 16" size screens in 110, 137, 156 and 175 microns for $15.00 each. Or, experiment to see which works best for you with the XTR screen assortment (set of 4 calibers) - for $50.00. Contact us for larger screen cuts and special orders!

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All XTR 1000 parts are readily available and come with special installation tools if needed.

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