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"Ice Water Method"
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Mendocino County, California — December 2001
www.icecold.org unveils
The X-tractor Kit.

An information packed video system including all special tools necessary to extract high quality plant resins naturally. Informative and compelling - The Xtractor Kit presents a never before documented, all natural resin extraction process for home use.

Below is an example of the extreme purity of extracted resins using the Xtractor Kit, for uses in aromatherapy, cosmetics, medicine, culinary spices, incense and much more.
Ice Water Method history
After the introduction of "The Ice Water Method", awkward, low tech, high priced applications were offered in 1998. These "mud bag" imitations invented unnecessary fabric creations, in order to charge oodles of money for the simple Ice Water Method process know how. The X-tractor Kit is the simplest application of the "Ice Water Method".
Why submerge bags into the washing step if you can just as well filter afterwards through any screen you like?
Accomplish previously unattainable results!
Specially priced at $39.95
Wide spectrum of applications
• NEW US Patent 6,158,591
• "Ice Water Method" explained
• Supersedes all dry sifting
and chemical extraction methods
• Step by step instructions
• Special tools included
• Localized language versions
available (NTSC & PAL)
Never use chemicals again!
The "Ice Water Method" is rapidly spreading to connoisseurs around the world due to its effectiveness and simplicity. This unique new process allows you to extract resins from fresh or dried plant material.

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