All Natural Patented Process
Now there is an all-natural resin-extraction alternative for the 21st century. A new US patent (foreign patents pending) introduces a revolutionary new method for the extraction of plant resins. Using the "Ice Water Method" fresh or dried plant materials can now be processed with ease leaving only pure crystal extracts.

Automate the extraction process with the XTR 1000 - and benefit from it's many features.

The XTR 420, introduced in 1997, was a stainless steel, natural wood, introduction model. The Xtractor series is the first equipment made based on the now popular "Ice Water Method." It was designed to allow even the beginner to achieve professional product and make the new method more transparent. Only fifty XTR 420's were manufactured in 1997.
Resins separate naturally
Polished clear vinyl collection funnel bladder is custom made using U.S. waterbed strength and sealing technology. (Thus correcting the initial 420 bladder problems.)

This component guides the separated resin particles into the collection bottle soon after starting.

Improved flexibility allows resin crystals to be "milked" from the steep funnel walls and it's transparency provides for quality control during the process as compared with "blind systems."

The XTR 1000 has four layers of insulation surrounding the (easy to clean) stainless steel chamber. This keeps your herbs at ice water temperatures, which is the basic condition for applying the "Ice Water Method".

Guarantees quality product every time.

The XTR 1000 is equipped with:
Polished Stainless Steel Chamber
Clear Polished Vinyl Collection Funnel
Two glass collection bottles
Quality mixer
Screw-on safety lid
Filter kit
Two part metal stand
Detailed running manual, bonus X-tractor Kit video and more!

The XTR 1000 is a true work horse. Thousands of XTR 1000's are working around the world for more than 4 years now with no part replacements necessary.

All parts are available and come with special installation tools if needed.

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